Shannecdotes | Introduction

Despite this being my first post, I’m actually not brand-new to blogging.

I blogged for the very first time in a class in university this past year. The instructions were simple: create a blog that focused in one of four “streams” and write critically and analytically about your subject. I chose the stream of “identity”, and I put my heart and soul into LGBTelevision, my class blog where I discussed the representation of young LGBT characters in programs aimed at teens and young adults. It gave me that first taste of putting myself and my content out there.

The grade I got didn’t matter in the end. (It was good enough to keep up my status as a first-class honours student, which was all I needed). The experience was what counted the most for me. And as much as I loved blogging about LGBT rep in television, I was pulled in so many other directions. I wanted to discuss books and writing and creating things from planners to cosplays.

So this is my blog. Primarily a book and writing blog, I’ll also discuss television shows (when they’re in season) and crafting (coming up: cosplay for the first time and struggling through my first attempts at journaling). I’ll probably talk about LGBT rep still on this blog, as I had so much fun with it during my blogging experience I had for school. And in between, little splashes of my life.

This blog is a collection of experiences: the things I love, the things I experience, and the things I create. What’s important to know about me is that I’m a recent university grad who’s a big enough dork to wear her time-turner to her convocation ceremony. This is basically the blog of a total nerd at a crossroads in her life. These are my anecdotes: well, my shannecdotes. (The puns aren’t going to get better. There are a lot of puns you can create with my name.)

And I hope you enjoy the journey along with me.



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