June Favourites & Wrap-Up

There’s something so indulgent about writing a favourites post. It’s like I’m assuming just by creating it that you care about the television and books and random crap that I’ve been obsessed with for a month. And if you know me well, you know that I tend to go super hard when I get into something.

But there’s another part of me that kind of feels a nice bit of accountability from writing a favourites post. After all, I can’t write about the books I read in a month if I didn’t read any. I can’t write about the television I’ve been watching if I just binged Community for the 6th time. (Whilst avoiding every show I’ve promised people I’d watch because there’s TOO MANY and it’s OVERWHELMING.)

So maybe instead of assuming that I’m a bit of an egomaniac for assuming you’ll love everything I do, I’ll just keep myself accountable and hope that something in this post brings you as much joy as it brought me this month.

(Also two quick apologies: 1. No pictures in this post, something I promise to remedy for the future and 2. Saying I was going to blog more and then casually disappearing until JULY. This is my rebranding and refreshing of the blog, appearance wise and content wise, and I dig it a lot. I’ve got a schedule drawn up, so let’s hope for the best.)


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (illustrated edition): I decided to do a Harry Potter reread this summer in honour of the 20th anniversary, and as my best friend got me the illustrated HP for my birthday a couple years back, I broke it out again to start my reread on the best possible note. The story is amazing, of course. (If for some reason you’ve decided to read this blog and you don’t know the Harry Potter books, go, uh, DO THAT.) And the illustrations by Jim Kay are absolutely stunning and truly bring the story to life.

Almost Adulting by Arden Rose: I actually just picked this up in the bookstore out of pure interest. I’d heard of Arden Rose, but I’ve been so exhausted by Youtube in general lately that I’d never watched her content. The book is super cute: I felt a little older than the target audience, but I’m a big fan of the “trying to get your life together” genre of entertainment, and it feels good knowing that I’m not the only one who struggles with it at times. It was a super light and cute read, and one that I really needed.


Fear the Walking Dead // Season 3: Fear the Walking Dead is a show I’ve always enjoyed because it’s a little slower: looking at the social structures of the fresh apocalypse has been something that’s always fascinated me a lot more than the new societies and the hordes of Walkers you find on its main show. Fear’s main weakness to me has been episodes that focus solely on one character, but the Daniel Salazar episode this season was really impressive (mainly because it takes place almost entirely in Spanish with English subtitles). As much as I’ll admit that I started watching this franchise for Alycia Debnam-Carey, I am sticking with it for more reasons than just for her. The addition of Daniel Sharman to the cast as Troy warms my Teen Wolf-loving heart, and the story, once again, makes me want to tune in every week to see what happens next.

The Bachelorette // Season 13: Yeah, I’m on board this trash show, except this season, the Bachelorette herself is so wonderful that it makes me feel better about the piles of trash that the show throws at me from all angles. There is so much godawful stuff going on in regards to Bachelor in Paradise, so I’m not convinced that this is a great franchise to continue watching, but I’m ready to stick it out to see how Rachel’s Bachelorette story ends, and also because she has the cutest dog, and I want to see him as often as I can. (Peter for the win!!)

Wynonna Earp // Season 2: Season Two of Wynonna has absolutely blasted into high gear and I am loving it. After the first episode, I was a little nervous, but as the second, third, and fourth episodes continued on, the show got back into the groove that I loved so much last year. The relationship between Waverly and Nicole is natural and really sweet while also giving a same-sex relationship the kind of treatment that would normally be reserved for straight couples. This show never fails to surprise me around every corner, and I’m looking forward to being surprised over and over again.

other faves

The Adventure Zone Podcast: This month, I joined the rest of the world and became pretty obsessed with the most famous podcasting brothers: Justin, Griffin and Travis McElroy. I started listening to Rose Buddies, the podcast about The Bachelor that Griffin does with his wife Rachel, a couple months back. Through Rose Buddies, I found the rest of the McElroy “family of products” as they refer to their plethora of podcasts as, and discovered The Adventure Zone, which quickly became my favourite podcast OF ALL TIME.

TAZ is about the brothers and their dad playing a rousing campaign of Dungeons and Dragons, but if that doesn’t sound appealing to you, hear me out. What began as kind of a joke has evolved into a rich universe, quality storytelling, and characters and moments that are so emotionally compelling they made me forget I was literally listening to four dudes playing DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS which is something I wouldn’t ever think I’d enjoy. I recommend it so highly, whether or not you’re into D&D, because the storytelling is unique and it packs a ton of really good, good laughs and a ton of rip-your-heart-out emotional punches.

DavidsTea Iced Tea Press: I’m a tea addict, completely and unashamedly: and DavidsTea iced tea is so good. Also, the fruit infusion teas are super sweet and subtle which is amazing when the weather feels like if I step out of my house I’ll turn into a freshly cooked lobster. I got a bunch of sample teas from the lovely DavidsTea employees who were very patient with my confusion, and my favourite summer teas are Caribbean Crush, Strawberry Colada, and Coco Colada. My very favourite hot tea, Chili Chocolate Chai, makes a great iced tea too (especially with a little dash of Silk Almond coffee creamer or Happy Planet vanilla chai nut milk in it). I have the pretty mint green one, and it’s doing a great job of helping me achieve that cute pastel aesthetic that I crave.

Camp NaNoWriMo: I’m taking on everyone’s favourite writing challenge again in July, and I couldn’t be more excited to be doing so. I’ll hopefully make a progress post partway through the month to talk about my project (a middle-grade fantasy about witches and anxiety!) and to discuss how things have been going.

Here’s to a great July and a wonderful rest of the summer!



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