Hi there! I’m Shannon and I am a 23 year-old writer from Ontario, Canada. I am pursuing a graduate certificate in professional writing, which I would love to turn into a career as an author, editor, or social media manager.

My main love is of stories. This comes into three different factors on my blog: I want to talk about writing, reading, and scrapbooking. Whether it’s memory keeping or fiction writing, telling stories is my ultimate favourite thing to do. There is really no better way of getting to know someone than to hear the stories that mean the most to them. When I scrapbook, I record the littlest stories: from the cupcakes I baked to the current things I love. All the little things that make up the story of myself.

I love koalas. I’m a diehard Hunger Games fan. I’ve done every kind of writing from online roleplaying to exercises describing the kid next to me in class like a John Green novel. My favourite things to write are fantasy and science fiction: anything with young ladies saving the world and embracing their relationships with those around them. I love December Daily albums. I drink my tea ridiculously sweet. I’m a big Disney fan: the Haunted Mansion attraction is my particular favourite. And, most of all, I love telling stories.

I hope you enjoy the journey!