Hi there! I’m Shannon and I am a 23 year-old writer from Ontario, Canada. I recently completed my degree in English Language and Literature from Brock University, and now I’m at a crossroads in my life. I write constantly, and am aiming for a career as an author, provided I put in the hard work and get the right pinch of luck at the right time. I read mostly young adult fiction, and it’s also what I tend to write most as well.

Being at this young and adventurous time in my life, I wanted to document every part of my journey. (I deal with pretty bad anxiety, so my idea of adventurous might be a little different from yours!) This year, I want to focus on documenting the things that make my life 1) easier and 2) more wonderful. And I want to document adventures: from writing adventures to crafting adventures to actual leaving-the-house adventures like conventions and mini road trips.

I love koalas. I’m a diehard Hunger Games fan. I’ve done every kind of writing from online roleplaying to exercises describing the kid next to me in class like a John Green novel. My favourite things to write are fantasy and science fiction: anything with young ladies saving the world and embracing their relationships with those around them. I drink my tea ridiculously sweet. I’m a big Disney fan: the Haunted Mansion attraction is my particular favourite. And, most of all, I love telling stories.

I hope you enjoy the journey!